Monday, September 25, 2006

North Indian Sex Oral

When all was right, we went to Jacq’s bed and curled up in each other’s arms.

Help me? Help ME???? Hell yes, I needed help! My "little soldier" needed help! I needed help trying to figure out what the fuck to say to you. I finally decided to be somewhat truthful, so I told you that I had had the pleasure of seeing the most beautiful creature that God put on earth, and I wanted to send her some flowers. You smiled, and said that you were sure we could come up with something. "Come up with something?" "CUM UP WITH SOMETHING?", I thought to myself. Hell, I already had something that had cum up!!!! But, I merely smiled, and let you lead me to the refrigerated display case, where there were so many arrangements of so many different kinds of flowers, that it was mind-boggling. You began to describe the different types of arrangements that you could put together, and the various price ranges. I heard every word you said but, it wasn't sinking in, cause just your voice itself was reaching my inner mind. The voice was a perfect match for the rest of you, sexy as hell! As I stood next to you, I breathed in your sweet, yet subtle, aroma, and stole an occasional glance at that ass of all asses! I felt I was somewhat of a connoisseur of women's butts, since I'd been running adult web sites on the net which were predicated primarily on women's ASSets. And, from what I could see of yours, it far surpassed ANYTHING the net had to offer. We made light small talk, as you tried to help me decide what to get for this "special" person. You said that you thought it was so romantic of me to want to do this. I asked you if it had ever happened to you.

I undid the top button.

I hear the sucking in of air, and silence, then –

"No, we are not after ransom," he replied.

If a man wants to get laid consistently, there is no better preparation he can take than to learn to dance. I took two ballroom dance classes in college, and never was time better spent. I took Sylvia's hand in mine and said, "Let's boogie."

"That's it, milk my cock," Marcus demanded. I joyfully and quickly milked more cum from his cock onto my body. I love the sight of my small hand around his thick cock pumping him for more cum. The smell of our sex permeated the air, my head dazed with passion. The feel of my man's dick twitching with pleasure in my hand pleased me beyond description. I treasured his last drop of cum and watched it slowly ooze from his thick meat onto the fold of skin between my thumb and forefinger. Carefully, I released his semi-hard cock so my prize would not drip away. Bit by bit, the drop rolled across the back of my hand; the tiny hairs gave way to the weight of my pearly-white reward. I guided my hand to my parted lips and my tongue darted to capture his last drop. His succulent flavor exploded in my mouth. I laid back and closed my eyes as my body twitched with delight. My hands smeared his thick cream all over my body. I rubbed it into my silky pussy, belly, breasts and hard nipples and finally, to my neck and twitching lips.

"Yes, this is unbelievable Jannine. You have a great body, and a great pair of tits. I just feel wrong doing this, here, now, in front of you all! What would your dad think if he knew". I asked worried.

“No Sir.”

I had moved up at a brisk pace to her calf. Rolling my fingers all around that tanned flawless flesh, sides, back and top, I kept my hands moving between Ashley's erogenous zones at the back of her knee, the inside of her thighs, the base of her heel. It had the desired effect. The surface temperature of the skin between her thighs was rising, and Ashley's calves had picked up a slightly rough texture; Gooseflesh had caused the base of her shaved hairs to raise above the surface.

Not sure what came over him, Rory felt a wave of heat travel his body up and down. The thought of showing himself to her was strangely exciting. It caused his cock to ache even more and it started an itching deep inside. He wavered for no more than a few moments. With a mental shrug he threw back the covers and watched her face. What would she think of his cock? Did women like to look at things like that?

Jennifer's regular breathing was audible from my bedroom indicating she was fast asleep. In shaking off the disturbing joy of my dream I realized just how deeply and crazily in love with Alex I had been, and just how fruitless my hopes were.

"Like what?" She answered.

“It seems that he really, really likes it!”

"Look, Carli, I'm not going to touch you, I promise. This is just an accommodation because of the weather. Surely you understand that, don't you?" Carli nodded, wiped her eyes and blew her cute little nose into a tissue. She took a deep breath and nodded. Gary opened his suitcase and took out a pair of his pajamas. "Here, Carli, you can wear these, if you want, or you can sleep in your clothes…it's your choice." Gary grabbed his robe and headed to the bathroom. Inside he removed his clothes except his underwear. He brushed his teeth, put on the robe and returned to the bedroom.

Chapter 5

"Oh well uh…you're welcome then."

"Most of the larger clothes are in that box in the corner. Feel free to rummage around, see if there's anything you want." I bend over the box to open it, and the guard begins rubbing my bottom with his hand.

"Not really."

It should have sated me, should have allowed me to follow Minos into the arms of Morpheus. Yet I could not rest. My limbs could not seem to arrange themselves comfortably. Whenever I did manage to close my eyes, I was beset by fractured images.

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