Thursday, September 21, 2006

Lesbian Thailand Sex Videos

"I could come to love you!" she said. "That...that was incredible! What about you?"

"Take it all sis. Feel my big horse cock in your cunt. I'm your big stallion with my big stallion cock fucking you. Soon I'll pump my horse cum in you and fill you up." He chanted as he pounded my poor little pussy.

It hurt, it stung. She wasn't sure what she felt but every muscle in her pussy contracted at the same time, cramping.

==== Checking Out ====

She slipped between my legs and pulled her mouth off of me, opening it wide and sticking out her tongue so that the tip of it could stretch and lick the tender underside of the head of my dick. Her hand pistoned up and down my dick, jacking me off onto her tongue, and she winked at me. My mouth fell open in undisguised awe at the sight, and then when her other hand slipped in and began to tickle my sack and perineum I groaned and gave up the fight.

Terry moved to stand a few feet in front of Helen and started to undress. He removed his shoes and socks. As he removed his shirt Helen could see he had broad shoulders and a well-toned torso. Terry had very little chest hair. As he removed his trousers Helen looked at Terry's well-defined legs. As Helen looked down she could see Terry's large cock straining for release. He slowly pulled down his underwear and his cock sprang straight up. Helen gave a slight gasp as she looked at Terry's fully erect cock. Terry had tight curly black pubic hair. His cock must have been at least nine or ten inches long with a thick girth. The head of Terry's cock was unusually pink in colour against the darkness of his shaft. Helen had only had a few sexual partners and had never seen such a large cock.

"I try. Where will I find your vibrators?"

"No, you ain't going in this house so wet, you are going to drip everywhere inside."

I remove one last rose from the vase. I place the soft petals on her pussy, start to brush and roll. I stroke over her now quivering lips. Upwards then, I sweep the petal covering her clit aside and play my silken torture instrument on it.

“I am one hairy S.O.B.,” said Ike.

As if in a stupor Brad rose and sat beside her. She took his hand placing it over her left tit letting him feel the heat of her skin and the hard demanding extension of her nipple. As his fingers timidly, gently squeezed the firmness of the large globe of tit flesh small amounts of milk oozed to coat his palm. Susan sighed.

"You mean Helen actually asked you to have sex with him?"

Ellen uncrossed her legs and squeezed her thighs together, very nervous. “Kind of, I guess.” She recrossed her legs and had another sip of wine. My god, I thought to myself, she’s stimulated by this experience. All the signs I had come to know were there – her blush, her fidgets, her breathing.

"I'm sorry, Brother," she whispered with obvious trepidation.

Sylvia disentangled herself from Lana and proceeded to get out of the bed. The very moment that Sylvia released my wife’s lips, Lana screamed as an orgasm racked her body. Rocco never let up, he kept pounding while Lana stretched and twisted her body as the intense pleasure passed through her. I can see her knuckles turn white as she grabbed the sheets with all the energy she can muster.

Lara: I know how a rape done. After all I am an experienced tomb raider, having raided hundreds of tombs and a member of the Royal Female Tomb Raider Society. So I do have certain standards, you know. I know what’s expected of me. And let me tell you it ain’t always so easy either. Try raiding an dusty Irish Barrow where the only way to find something wanting to get in to my pants is to wait for the village pub to close.

The instructor droned on and on, but Jack's mind was elsewhere. Specifically, his mind was on the girl, whose back and ass he stared at for the entire class. He imagined ripping off her jeans, throwing her over the desk, and fucking her right there in front of the entire class. He dreamt of her naked legs trembling as he pounded his cock inside her over and over again. He fantasized about running his tongue along those long, elegant legs and then pulling her hair back and ramming his teeth into her neck, draining every ounce of blood from her body. He would then throw her aside; his muscles flush with her blood, and proceed to devour every other girl in the class in a similar fashion. His cock stirred inside his jeans, as the fantasy played out in his head. He waited with nervous anticipation for the class to end.

"Voila!" he said, throwing the covers back, letting his prick spring to full erection.

Without a word I moved in front of Crystal and offered her a taste of my meaty treat, which she engulfed immediately between her soft lips, taking me to the back of her throat. A moan escaped my lips as I looked over at Anna, who had two fingers buried deep in Crystal’s pussy, pumping them in and out vigorously. Crystal was squealing uncontrollably around my cock as the butt-plug quivered in her ass. Anna continued her tongue lashing of her friends’ backside and soon Crystal’s ass was once again shining with saliva. Anna then circled the base of the toy imbedded in her friend’s ass with her thumb and forefinger and began to slowly remove the toy from it’s warm home as her other hand went to work on Crystal’s engorged clit. Crystal groaned with pleasure as the sizeable bulb of the anal intruder passed her ring. Just then the girl shuddered as an orgasm coursed through her body, her sphincter muscles expelling the plug from her bowels with a pop. Anna then ran her tongue over the nub of skin between her friends’ pussy and asshole, finally stabbing the probe into Crystal’s spasming anal ring. Crystal let out another muffled groan, working my cock deeper down her throat, her nose buried in my pubic curls. I grabbed her head and pumped it back and forth on my swollen member, my balls tightening as I felt the first signs of a mind-blowing orgasm surging up my cock.

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